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Call times are notoriously early when you're making movies and it's no exception for the VFX crew. My day begins when my iPhone alarm goes off at 5am and I shuffle into the kitchen to make a coffee to go. I once made the mistake of using the last of the milk and my girlfriend made me walk to Costa in the dark to scrounge some in a takeaway cup. I'm always careful about my breakfast choices now!

I shove a few essentials – my GoPro and a collection of camera lenses – into my Cancha Bag and head off to Pinewood Studios. I’m working on a shootout scene for a big budget action movie and my day can involve any number of tasks.

Once I arrive on set, I begin attaching my GoPros and four Sony A7 IIIs for the witness cameras, which help us track the camera and stunts’ movements and match what we have done on set with the post-production visual effects. I use a few tripods, which I bring to set with Cancha’s handy suspension straps, to get the perfect height and angle. I studied cinematography at university in Argentina, so camerawork is my favourite task during filming.

We run through several different set-ups and, by midday, I'm ready to raid the craft food service. I consider picking up a salad, but I'm not sorry to say that pizza wins out in the end.

Film sets often require a lot of waiting as scenes get shot and reshot at different angles. In the afternoon, I race around getting stock footage, switching out power banks, and taking camera measurements with my DISTO laser distance metre in between takes. I keep these items in the Side Pouch attachment so that I can grab them quickly as needed and not hold up the rest of the cast and crew.


After a few coffee runs and a couple of cups myself, I hear them call the final “Cut!” at around 6pm. Often, the director asks the stand-ins and some of the crew to stay later in order to prepare setups for the next day, but this evening I am free to swing by the park on my way home. I leave all of my work equipment in the car and just detach my Gym Pack attachment, which has my basketball shoes. I get to finish the day by shooting a few hoops with friends as we catch the last of the light. If anyone asks, all my shots were slam dunks.