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Designed By Pros, Loved By Pros

I’m Jack, founder of Cancha Bags. I’m a pro athlete who has spent years travelling between destinations, competing on the international professional tennis circuit. Whenever I hit the road, or had to catch a flight, I lugged around three or four bags at once, each serving some essential purpose. 

Every destination I visited posed an opportunity to explore a new place. I wanted to throw myself into every adventure and every game, but was weighed down by bags carrying my racket, my laptop, my passport, my overnight essentials, my trainers, and everything else I couldn’t do without.

I wanted more from the bags I carried with me. 

I knew what I needed. One bag, durable enough to cope with the rigours of international travel and the strain of adventure without falling apart, and adaptable enough that I could customise it to my individual needs. The problem? There was no such bag. 

And so began Cancha. 



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