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Episode 1 of the MyCancha Podcast: Joe Delagrave

Feb 16, 2022Jack Oswald

We're delighted to announce the first episode The MyCancha Podcast, hosted by our founder, Jack Oswald. In this 6-part series, Jack sits down with world renowned athletes, adventurers and business leaders, discovering their journey to the top and unearthing the lessons and challenges they faced along the way.


If you are on the look out for a healthy dose of motivation, good story telling, and wisdom from the top, The MyCancha Podcast is bound to leave you yearning to pursue your passions.


Joe Delagrave was just like any normal teenager, until in 2004, when he sustained sustained a life-changing spinal cord injury immediately rendering quadriplegic.

After 89 long days in hospital, Joe stumbled across the sport of wheelchair Rugby. What turned into a way to keep fit soon became Joe’s relentless pursuit to join the elite, leading him to become a two time paralympic medalist.

Joe’s story is captivating, but his outlook on life and determination to help others realize their dreams is even more inspiring. If you are looking for some grounded wisdom and motivation to get out there and pursue your passion, I highly encourage you to give this episode a listen.

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