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How to customize your Tennis Bag in 7 Stylish Ways

Branded tennis bags are cool, but most are not designed to be customisable. However, the story is different with Cancha tennis bags. Built with the same quality and durability as...

Branded tennis bags are cool, but most are not designed to be customisable. However, the story is different with Cancha tennis bags. Built with the same quality and durability as more popular brands, the branding on Cancha bags is minimal, allowing you to customize your bag all you want.

The first order of business when you want to customize a tennis bag is to choose the type of bag that best suits your needs. See our guide on that here. Once that is settled, it’s time to start customizing! 

We’ve outlined some of the best ways to customize your tennis bag in this post. 

  • Add patches

  • Patches are a great and simple way to make your bag stand out from the rest. You can use either iron-on or sew-on patches. Sewing is a more secure method of attaching a patch to your backpack because iron-on patches tend to come off after a couple of washes. 

    Cancha patch

    Place the patch in the desired position for iron-on patches and cover with a cloth, or preferably a towel. Set the iron to medium heat before pressing it down on the patch for about 30 to 40 seconds. Turn the school bag inside afterwards and iron the area where the patch is positioned on the other side. Next, allow the patch to cool for some minutes, then check to ensure proper adhesion to the backpack. Repeat the process if necessary.

    In the case of sew-on patches, the process is more time-consuming. Place the patch in position and secure it to the backpack with straight pins. If pins are unavailable, fabric glue or any other glue can be used. Set your sewing machine (if available) to make tight stitches before sewing around the edges of the patch. If a sewing machine is unavailable, the patch can be sewn on by hand using a needle and thread. 

  • Draw on your bag

  • If you’re good at drawing, this customization method is an excellent way for you to put your talent to use. You can use fabric paint, permanent markers, or both of them to draw on your tennis bag.  

    It is advisable to sketch your drawing first with a pencil to avoid making mistakes. When you’re satisfied that it looks just the way you want, you can then proceed to trace the lines with a black permanent marker. Make your drawing come alive by using either coloured fabric paint or markers to colour it. 

  • Use decorative duct tape
  • Decorative duct tapes come in different patterns and colours. Combining different patterns is a good idea to produce a visually appealing result. Your design mustn’t be square-shaped; you can cut out different shapes or alphabet letters from the tape. 

    To customize your bag, even more, you can wrap duct tape around the zipper pulls and straps. 

  • Make patterns with buttons
  • You can also use buttons to customize your tennis bag. Using this method, you can write your name on your bag or create a beautiful pattern. All you need are bags of buttons, a needle, and thread. 

    First,  draw the pattern you want to create on the bag with a piece of chalk or pencil. This makes the process easier, and ensures that your pattern follows straight. Next, sew the buttons on the bag the same way you’d sew them on a cloth, following the pattern you’ve already drawn. 

  • Apply rhinestones
  • The process of applying iron-on rhinestones to your tennis bag is similar to that of applying iron-on patches. The bottom of each rhinestone contains heat-sensitive glue, which, when heated, makes it attach permanently to a fabric. After purchasing a rhinestone design of your choice, the next thing is to iron on.

    First, place a piece of parchment paper behind the part where you intend to apply the rhinestone to prevent the glue from seeping through and touching other parts of your bag. Remove the backing sheet and place the rhinestone design on your bag.  Place another piece of parchment paper on top of the design before ironing. Once the iron is atop the rhinestones, do not move it sideways because it may cause the rhinestones to shift. Hold the iron in place for 20 to 30 seconds. If you think some parts of the design did not receive adequate heat, remove the iron and reapply again. 

    After ironing, allow the plastic covering of the rhinestones to cool to room temperature before peeling it off. 

  • Embroider your bag
  • Embroidering your bag is another way to add a touch of your personality to it. This method is for you if you have previous experience with embroidering. If not, have someone who’s experienced do it for you. 

    Choose the part of the bag you wish to embroider and sketch your design on the bag with chalk, pencil, or a non-permanent marker.

    Use an embroidery hoop to hold the bag’s fabric to ensure it's taut as you stitch. If a hoop doesn't work because of the thickness of the fabric, you’ll have to hold the fabric tight as you stitch. Decide what thickness of floss or yarn will work best for your proposed design; finer details require fewer strands to achieve the desired effect. 

    Iron the embroidered area when you’re done to help smooth it out and fix any puckering that may be present. 

    1. Attaching Studs

    Putting studs on your bag is an inexpensive and simple way to customize it. All you need are studs and a flat head screwdriver or a pair of scissors. Studs of different shapes and sizes can be purchased from any craft store. 

    Pick up the studs one at a time and push them into the fabric of your bag until the prongs stick out at the other end. Use the flat head screwdriver/scissors to bend over the prongs, and that’s it. It’s essential to make sure that all the prongs are bent properly to avoid getting scratched when you reach into your bag. 

    You can use the studs to create a pattern, design, or even write your name. 

    Are you looking to buy customisable tennis bags that showcase your creativity? Cancha bag is your best option. Visit our store to check out premium tennis bags and other accessories.

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