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Top 10 adult tennis camps in the USA

Are you looking for the best tennis camps for adults in the country? Look no further! We have compiled a list of the 10 best tennis camps for adults. These...

Are you looking for the best tennis camps for adults in the country? Look no further! We have compiled a list of the 10 best tennis camps for adults. These camps offer top-notch instruction and plenty of opportunities to improve your game. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, these are the best tennis camps adults will love and will help you take your tennis game to the next level. So what are you waiting for? Start packing your bags!

Adult Tennis Camps

Travel worldwide and play tennis at the best and finest adult Tennis Camps! There are numerous beautiful and prestigious tennis resorts and tennis academies worldwide that could offer you the most unforgettable experience in your life.


John Newcombe Tennis Ranch, Texas - Tennis Camp

One of the top tennis facilities in the world is the John Newcombe Tennis Ranch, which is tucked away in the undulating Texas Hill Country between San Antonio and Austin.

The world-class tennis program places a significant focus on match play and tournament competition while utilizing every area of tennis training to help players reach their best potential.

The coaches accompany the athletes to competitions so they may watch them in action. After the competition, they return to the Ranch to work on problem areas. The Tennis Academy's robust and demanding fitness regimen is one of its greatest aspects The Director, Phil Hendrie, is a renowned fitness specialist in the US. Along with a weekly weight training regimen, he engages in a range of footwork, speed, and endurance exercises.

The John Newcombe Tennis Ranch offers a distinctive tennis resort in a cozy location where you can unwind in the rural ambiance and take part in one of the nation's top tennis programs.

To truly appreciate the unique "team-family-team" atmosphere, one must participate in it.

No matter what level you are playing at now, the tennis resort packages are made to provide you with the most fun and help you get better.

Unquestionably, John Newcombe is among the best tennis players to ever step foot on a tennis court. His six Grand Slam wins, including two each from Wimbledon, the US Open, and Australia, serve as proof of his assertion.

During the height of the Australian Davis Cup Play, John was also a real beacon. His most recent tennis achievement was captaining Australia to the Davis Cup triumph in 1999.

John is regarded as one of the classiest and most endearing people in the world of sports and celebrity athletes, which is more significant than all of his accolades. He truly embodies the definition of a champion in every way!

Overall, this is a trip you'll always cherish!

The adult tennis programs at the John Newcombe Tennis Ranch are unparalleled anywhere in the world. Throughout your stay, professionals will keep you entertained by joining you for meals, having fun on the courts, and even performing Karaoke at an Australian pub in the evenings.

Things to do at John Newcombe Tennis Ranch

Discover Texas

Experience the actual outback in a place with a strong sense of friendliness and a long history.

Play Golf

Play a round of golf at one of the Hill Country Golf Courses, which are accessible in 10 minutes.

Actively engage in water sports

The Comal and Guadalupe rivers offer options for watersports activity. Rafting and tubing are among the sports available, and the shuttle service leaves from the Ranch.

Make plans to go to Gruene, Texas

When you travel to Greune, you may go antique and boutique shopping, enjoy the best Texas music at Greune Hall and sample local cuisine at the Historic Gristmill.

Saddlebrook Resort, Florida - Tennis Camp


Saddlebook Resort, Florida - Tennis Camp

The Resort

The renowned Saddlebrook Resort in Tampa Bay has earned a reputation for being a memorable meeting and holiday spot as well as one of the top training grounds for athletes in the country.

Intentionally designed as a car-free Walking Village, Saddlebrook stands on 480 acres of rolling terrain bordered by lagoons and cypress trees. This allows visitors to effortlessly stroll across the entire resort.

Tennis Programs

The illustrious Harry Hopman sold The Tennis Academy in 1986. Harry Hopman was one of the most renowned tennis instructors in history thanks to his fitness-centered philosophy, which served as the cornerstone of the Saddlebrook Program.

could give your the best tennis instruction!

With 45 tennis courts, along with all four Grand Slam grounds, the famed Tampa tennis complex draws fans from all over the world. While offering business conference participants the chance to squeeze in a fast session or a few rounds of competitive play, Saddlebrook Tennis is able to accommodate the true tennis enthusiasts who opt to engage in our tough five-hour per day program, offered 365 days a year.

The excitement of the world's best players preparing to achieve their goals of ATP and WTA success combined with the peace, seclusion, and exclusivity on the site have created Saddlebrook as a legendary and historic training facility.


Cliff Drysdale Adult Tennis Camp

Omni Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa California

TThe Omni Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa in the Coachella Valley has 18 hard courts, along with a 500-seat Center Court and 7 illuminated for evening games, along with breathtaking vistas of the San Jacinto and San Bernardino mountain ranges.

The year-round Cliff Drysdale Tennis Adult Tennis Camps are open to all levels of competitors. Singles, couples, and groups are all welcome to participate in this wonderful program right now.

Camp Inclusions & Amenities

• High-end facilities

• Three hours a day of tennis instruction

• Unrestricted court appearances without direction

• A service that arranges games

• Use of a 24-hour fitness facility

• Each guest room offers unrestricted internet access.

• Resort Transportation Service on-property

• Coffee in-room service

• Preferred Access to Golf Course Reservations

• No-charge on-site parking

Kiawah Island Golf Resort, South Carolina - Tennis Camp

The Kiawah Island Golf Resort, which is located off the Atlantic Coast 21 miles south of Charleston, occupies almost the whole 10,000-acre island that gives it its name. The resort's initial plans were created by Charles Fraser, who is renowned for his delicate building of Sea Pines Resort, which launched in 1976. The island's astonishing variety of vegetation, some native and some cultivated, is to be preserved on around half of the island in its natural state.

Tennis Accommodation

The Roy Barth Tennis Center is four minutes on foot from the Sanctuary hotel on the beach, surrounded by tennis villas. It stands apart in addition to having a large sporting goods store by dedicating one of its hard courts to a self-feeding ball machine that can spit tennis balls at a rate of 1,200 per hour.

The deteriorated wood pro shop, whose decks offer a comfortable spot to observe the activity, is surrounded by the courts—19 clay, 3 hard, and 8 pickleball—which are arranged in a semicircle.

Courts are reached via meandering routes through pine trees that are occasionally surrounded by palmetto, pampas grass, oleander, or flowers. A balcony with an awning, benches and an electric water fountain is accessible from each set of courts.

Wild Dunes Resort, South Carolina - Tennis Camp

Wild Dunes Resort is one of the exceptional holiday destinations that offer the diversions of golf, tennis, beach, and marina within convenient close reach of a cultural metropolis. It is only 15 miles from Charleston's historic area.

The Isle of Palms, a lengthy, club-shaped barrier island off the coast of South Carolina, is located within the 1,600-acre property's northernmost portion. The 12-mile-long beach's sea oat-tufted sand dunes are where it derives its name.

Tennis Accommodation

Each week during the season, Wild Dunes hosts a well-attended Monday night showcase with a staff doubles match as its focus. The occasion offers a place for introducing the weekly programs and services as well.

A variety of weekly adult and junior clinics and round robins are available, including ones for beginners, intermediate players, and experts, as well as programs for kids as young as four years old. These involve conscientious game matching, which frequently draws on local players.


Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, Hawaii - Tennis Camp

The Mauna Kea features what even a native taxi driver calls "the nicest beach on the island," a beautiful stretch of white sand that follows the contour of a tiny cove that is moored by lava-rock promontories and is surrounded by the customary coconut trees.

Amidst a park of rare plants and trees and Oriental sculptures, the hotel is perched on top of one of those rock outcroppings.

Ten tennis courts and two permanent pickleball courts are located on a tiered slope off to one side. The lowest court is so near to the water that you can hear the sound of the ocean waves crashing on the black lava rocks.

Boulders Resort & Spa, Arizona - Tennis Camp

The tennis and pickleball facilities overlook the desert scenery as well. Seven hard tennis courts and four pickleball courts are located just below the golfing facility, along with a small tennis pro shop and a swimming pool with a sight of that fascinating rock formation to the west.

This area of Scottsdale is 5 to 10 degrees lower than Phoenix, which attracts visitors and players to play. However, we still advise you to check the weather forecast for the week of your trip.

Park Hyatt Aviara Resort, California

The Pacific Ocean, Batiquitos Lagoon's nature refuge, and coastal wetlands are all visible from the Park Hyatt Aviara Resort. The complex contains two pools, an Arnold Palmer golf course with 18 holes, a gym, and a spa in addition to seven tennis courts—five hard and two clay, one of which is a stadium.

They also have new teaching pros available to help you with group practice, and drills and can even include private lessons either in the morning or afternoon time. If you need help with your forehand, serve or anything else, be sure to contact this club for further information about their programs.

Topnotch Resort, Vernom - Tennis Camp

Despite having only a few options for accommodation, this top-notch tennis establishment offers a variety of recreational attractions. The 10 hard and clay courts, (four of which are indoors), make up the largest interior complex of any resort in the Northeast, and are at the heart of its allure, at least for tennis players.

Additionally, the area offers opportunities for biking, hiking, and golf. Tennis is just the start.

Wintergreen Resorts, Virginia - Tennis Camp

Wintergreen Resort, Virginia

At Wintergreen, there are several tennis complexes: the major 18-court compound at Devils Knob and a smaller four-court (all clay) center at Stoney Creek near the golfing facility. The latter includes three hard courts underneath a pavilion that resembles a tent, along with 15 clay courts spread out among hardwoods and evergreens near the top of a ridge.

Get Your Trip Started With The Right Bag

If you're in the mood to plan your trip, it's time to get a bag to pack. Travelling with your racquets can be difficult, and a light and travel-friendly tennis bag can be hard to come by. Not to worry, our comparison of the best tennis bags in 2022 will help you find the perfect bag for your next tennis trip, regardless of your level.

If you are just looking for the right club near you, then our breakdown of the 10 best tennis clubs in the US has you sorted. From the facilities, to the coaching program, you'll be sure to find the best match.

Now that you've compared some of the tennis clubs with the best programs in the country, be sure to contact them about availability and the range of accommodations available.

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