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35 Awesome Tennis Gifts for Him

While unique gift giving for a tennis player might seem a stressful task, there are actually a lot of cool and innovative ideas out there on the market. Our guide...

Tennis gifts range from a T-shirt to a skort and jewelry to equipment to train. While unique gift giving for a tennis player might seem a stressful task, there are actually a lot of cool and innovative ideas out there on the market.

For example, there's even racket-shaped pasta to remind that tennis prodigy of their favorite start players while carbing up for their next match. There are also learning tools which should make it easier for them to improve at any time period. Tennis bags also make great father's day gift items for tennis players, and we've even got some luxury tennis gifts for those who love style just as much as function. 

What are the best gifts for people who love tennis?

The best tennis gifts on the internet currently are the massage guns and golf clubs and tennis bags. We have broken each gift into easy to use chapters. In spite of being categorized by gender, the gift of the present often comes at a crossover. For example, many men's tennis accessories as also frequently used by kids, so be mindful that many of these gifts would work for many family members at Christmas. 


The ultimate list of cool tennis gadgets, aids and tennis gifts for him

Below is our list of 35 cool tools, coaches, sensors, aids or equipment used to train your tennis abilities to become the best tennis player, including funny pickleball gifts and ideas. It's not quite often easy to find interesting gifts for tennis players that are both unique and high quality. Therefore, we've written this list to make you comfortable while giving tennis gifts that are good or very expensive.

Enjoy the latest update of the popular “10 really cool tennis gadgets 2023!” post with more new cool tennis gadgets and updates to existing ones.


Apple Watch or Fitbit


The quality of our fitness is just as important as our technique or our ability at hitting properly when looking to become better tennis players. When utilized as a goal-setting instrument fitness trackers can help us improve and become stronger players, making it one of those all-purpose gifts for tennis players that they can also use off the court.

The Apple Watch and/or Fitbit both offer players the best indications of how hard and how well they are train. Whether they are competing in the Open Sud de France or just recreationally, a fitness tracker will ensure they stay fit and healthy. While not the cheapest of small tennis gifts, it is certainly a great option for those who are serious about their health. 

The Cancha Racquet Bag


The Cancha Racquet bag is one of the most stylish multi-purpose tennis racquet bags, making it one of the most unique tennis gifts on the market. It is well worth the money if you are looking for a stylish bag that you can use on the court and off the court. 

The racquet bag is a water-resistant modular tennis bag built to accommodate four tennis racquets, plus extra space for all of your tennis gear, including tennis balls, a towel, water and an extra pair of shoes. The tennis backpack also comes with adjustable sports straps, which allows for more convenience. You can adjust the strap to your preferred fitting and be comfortable as you go about your day.

Another feature that will catch your eyes is the unique modular design with MOLLE attachment points, built for tennis lovers with a busy lifestyle. This new feature allows you to securely attach an additional bag to the Cancha Racquet Bag just in case you want the extra space.

While nine racquets don't quite fit inside this type of bag, the added benefits portability and travel friendliness make it one of the best tennis gifts for the frequently travelling and/or commuting tennis player. If you're player likes to carry around a heavy load, best to check out the Racquet Bag Pro (Cancha's larger version), which is also one of the best tennis gifts out there for serious players. 

No need to worry if you don’t have any tennis bags with the modular design, Cancha has also designed a smaller wet-dry bag and day backpack which can attach onto the Cancha tennis bag in seconds. The lightweight nature of this bag also makes it great for tennis after school, making it one of the best tennis gifts for boys with a busy schedyle. 

If your significant other is a beginner, check out our comprehensive guide to the best tennis gifts for beginners. If you are looking for even more stylish options for tennis bags, be sure to read our guide outlining The 25 Best Designer Tennis Bags you Should Know.               

Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

Hydroflask Doublewall Aquavit is supplied with its insulated doublewall stainless steel sports bottles. It will hold your favorite liquid but and keep it cool during an entire tennis game. The bottle measures 22 ounces and has a single top that has a durable handle and a wide mouth travel mug / travel mug flip lid.

As the fluid can be kept hot or cold inside the container for at least 12 hours, so can even be used for a cup of hot coffee for a drive. You can encourage tennis players to drink as much as two of the 32 ounces size a day, which will help them have the minimum daytime intake of eight cups of water a day. It's a good gift in general.

Pocket Radar

Ball coach Pocket Radar measures ball speed of serve and groundstrokes, helping any tennis enthusiast keep tabs on their improvement and in match play. This is an amazing tennis gift for the coach and any other player in your life since they get tons of usage. High school or college tennis players will all have fun measuring the speed of their shots with their teams.

Pair the Pocket Radar with a simple cheap tripod such as the Daisen camera tripod. Together, these two gifts for tennis lovers can be positioned or attached to both sides of the net to monitor the speed of the shots that come off your tennis racket and can be quickly stored inside a player's tennis bag. If you are looking for unique tennis gear that will pair greatly with any other tennis gift, the pocket radar is worth checking out.


Tennis Racquet Stringer

There are excellent tennis stringers to choose from, including electric and crank machines. Stringing machine are very unique gifts for tennis players, as they often pay for themselves in the long run. You don't have to be a pro like Alexander Bublik to make use of a good stringing machine. Consider the fact that on average the cost of stringing tennis racquets (minus the cost of the actual string) is $15. A Grand Central racquet stringer can cost substantially more. 

Over the course of a year or two, you could save $1,000 per year on stringing expenses, while ensuring that you always have a strung racquet ready for match play. For us, we also used a stringer on tour to string tennis players' strings and we'd charge $10 for the restringing at tournaments. It will take time to become proficient as an experienced stringer but the payback is massive in the long run.


Muscle Massage Gun

Massage guns are great gift ideas for recreational players and advanced players alike who deal with muscle soreness and stiffness after playing. Hence, Hyperice massage stick popularity has shot up over the past several years and has proven an excellent gift idea for the holiday season. If I can find enough cash to pay for one of these devices, a massage ball can also prove a perfect gift.

We use Hyper Ice hypervolt and we love it from the moment we first purchased it. It performs as advertised. It runs effectively for years and it's a gift every tennis player will love. Plus the recipient is going to have it available for year-round use. For example, you could massage your shoulders or arms while playing tennis.



Beats by Dre wireless noise-canceling headphones are our favorite tennis headphones. Headphones for tennis players or students are great gifts, as they can provide hours of endless entertainment when travelling. Headphones can help place the player in the zone with the best music and help block noise and distractions during a match. We also think Bose headphones are a great tennis gift with high-quality sound.


Natural Gut Tennis Strings

Natural gut tennis strings are the most expensive string type available, however, they are unmatched in terms of feel and connectivity to the ball when playing tennis. If you are looking for high-end tennis accessories that will impress, Babolat and Wilson Natural Gut Strings have become the two most popular strings on the market.

Roger Federer continues to use them on the pro tour, paired with Luxilon Alu Power Rough in the crosses. If you're choosing these strings as your gift we would encourage you to pick up the cost for the restringing of the racquet which is usually between $15 and $20.

Tennis TV Subscription

For recreation players, Tennis TV provides the ultimate all-access pass to pro tennis with live streaming of the ATP Tennis Tour. A subscription will grant a tennis fan access to streaming Live of 63 ATP Tour championships. 

Whether the tennis player in your life likes cheering on Rafael Nadal or even watch gleefully as Alexander Bublik smashes racquets left right and center, they are bound to be entertained with this tenni subscription.  Just don't blame us if the defending champion lost! Tennis TV streaming is supported by Apple TV Amazon Fire TV Roku Chromecast Xbox Live, Samsung Smart TV LG Smart TV and Android TV, and Eurosport Player.

Racquet Mag Subscription

The Racquet is a quarterly magazine dedicated to tennis culture, art, ideas, fashion, and art. $80 provides you four collection issues each year + a special label edition. As an alternative, Magazine is one of the longest-serving tennis magazines. It covers more of the sport's play and gear aspects. You can buy a tennis monthly magazine subscription for $75.

Wimbledon Centre Court Print

This Wimbledon centre court printing is available in many sizes, including A1, A2, A3 and A4. The frames are produced by an aluminum metal frame with a 9-millimeter border and a 21-millimeter deep frame. You can also get canvases or standalone prints used in frames that the recipient chooses. These prints look amazing in any part of the house, and demonstrate to everyone that visits that a tennis lover lives there!


Roland Garros Deck Chair

The “Porte d’Auteuil” deckchair produced by Hesperide features white Roland-Garros logo. It is equipped with a headrest that is back supported in four positions. The seat's structures are resistant to rust and light rain and are treated with epoxy.


Clothing, Tennis Clothes, and Shoes Make Great Tennis Gift Ideas

Tennis style is relatively unique as new styles are available each year. All year round they always bring a new thread for presents to give. To get you started on clothing from shirt to skirt tennis dress, here are some options. You should consider buying a hat or shirt of one of the four majors: the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon or United States Open.

Usually, the top brands will have unique styles of tennis clothing for each of the major tennis tournaments. Each season these tournaments make for a special gift of clothing for everyone who wins or loses. The grand slams (Wimbledon, US Opens, Australian and French Opens every year offer special clothing on their online stores which make perfect gifts for a tennis lover. As clothing varies in fit between brands, we advise including the gift recipient to ensure that they can exchange if necessary.

Tennis Shoes

Tennis shoes are designed to provide the extra comfort, optimum longevity, and speed needed for a tennis game. In many instances, several players wear their shoes for a significantly longer duration which causes unsatisfactory comfort support and odour. If you intend on buying shoe shoes as a gift maybe you wish to discuss them with the recipient. Of course, if you buy for someone whom you know can handle their gift then click on our tennis shoe guide for ladies and men to find a pair. Find tennis shoes on these pages.



Tennis socks make a wonderful gift because often players often need new ones due to tearing them out on the court. Socks can probably never surprise a person immediately but they're something they'll love. For this reason, we recommend these paired with another gift if we can swing it.

Tennis Bags

Tennis bags come in all shapes and sizes. From rugged bags built for 6+ racquets, to slim-profile & travel friendly racquet bags, we've got them all. If style is your concern, we've outlined the best designer tennis bags you should know, because form and function should always be considered equal. If you are not sure how to choose a stylish tennis bag, check out our comprehensive guide


PressureBall Tennis Ball Saver

Tennis balls will give a new life when it's out of use thanks to clever storage canisters. The canister provides the same internal and external pressure and keeps balls at 14 PSI or the same pressure as at the first purchase. College players often use this accessory to keep their practices at a high level without having to change balls constantly. If you are looking for a tennis gift for him that will always come in handy, the pressurized tennis ball saver is bound to impress.


50th Anniversary of US Open Tennis Book

Tennis Books are great gift ideas for tha tennis enthusiast who seems to have everything. This book celebrates 50 Years of the US Open and the many who have competed at its events. With wonderful, full-color photographs the hardcover book is divided into decades each with detailed texts running throughout and a foreword by Serena Williams. All 50 years are covered in order, making it one of the best gifts you can buy for a tennis history buff.


Tourna Tennis Ball Band

This accessory helps keep spare tennis balls in your hands to stop you from running out and increase your time playing. The waistband is perfect for pants or skirts without pockets. The elasticated band follows along the waist with ease. It extends enough to accommodate a tennis ball ensuring it remains in place and ready to use whenever you are on the tennis court, and doesn't get in the way of your tennis racket.

Portable Tennis Net

The portable tennis net is the best tennis gift for playing your favorite sport any time, anywhere. A Junior player can set up a court anywhere and play tennis at any time by using this mini tennis net. Ideal for driveways or other hard surfaces the net is easily assembled and disassembled. Also useful for older players to practice depth drills.

In/Out Portable Line Call Device

This wireless Line Call Device has an intelligent device that can tell you when your serves and shots are in and if so why the name? It gives you accurate feedback about ball speed and shots and it provides real-time call lines with red and green lights and sound-beeps.

This great gift idea has a few hours of battery life and HD video and statistics can be downloaded to your mobile or viewed on the screen. It actually can have similar properties to tennis sensors but with the added call option that makes conversations dead before they even begin. It acts like one of tennis's personal referees: calling lines.

Disputes between tennis players in a tennis match are something to avoid. This little device ensures a fair and unbiased line call every time.

Personalized Tennis Balls

If you want to give something truly personal, a set of personalized tennis balls is a sure-fire gift winner! Many sites such as Etsy offer this service, and can even their name, images, slogans or their favorite sports team. As tennis balls tend to lose their pressure after a while, why not include a pressurized tennis ball saver with personalised tennis balls for the ultimate gift combo!


Tennis Themed Cuff Links

If you are looking for more subtle gifts for tennis, tennis-themed cufflinks are an interesting idea. Etsy is a great place for buying themed cufflinks, especially for tennis. These cufflinks can brighten up a suit and give it that personal edge, while still being charming and formal. This is a great gift for him and won't set you back a few hundred dollars.


Tennis Ball Bath Bombs

Epsom salts, milk and herbal aromas make a welcome gift for tennis players. The pack comes in handy for tennis enthusiasts after a round or two. The Bath Bombs are packed with milk powder Epsom salt and milk powder along with their natural fragrance.


Spinshot-Player Tennis Ball Machine

Programmable through the included mobile app speed, height angle, spin and feed can be adjusted on this tennis ball machine for any level of practice. While expensive, this is a great tennis gift if you are trying to improve your game for the next tennis match.

The foldable tennis ball machine only weighs 18.2 kg and is manufactured of lightweight steel rather than plastic, making it much more durable than other options out there.


Tennis Pasta

While not traditionally on the list of tennis gift ideas, these yummy noodles are like miniature tennis rackets. Vegan and non-GMO these tiny bites are created from 100% Durum wheat. Built the old Italian way with slow drying techniques and bronze dies - A delicious way to remind him of his favourite tennis racket!


Pop-It tennis ball pick up Accessory for Tennis Players

Pop Is attached to a tennis rack on either ends. Securely incorporated into a tennis basket the gun enables no interference with swinging or playing. It will automatically pick up tennis balls without ever having to bend your knees.


Wilson Tennis Ball Pick Up Hopper

This useful piece of tennis gear can hold 75 tennis balls. It makes the balls also collect at the bottom without the need for bending. The hopper is also available with a lid to ensure that tennis balls won't fall out while you play tennis. It also save you a lot of time from picking balls up all over the tennis court. This helps you spend more time playing tennis and less time retrieving tennis balls.

Functional Tennis Pointer

Functional Tennis sells a fun gift for tennis players that can help improve consistency, coordination and overall tennis skill. The tennis pointer is made of wood, and much smaller than a traditional tennis racquet, meaning you have to be very precise when you hit the ball to make good contact. This product has been rated among other blogs as one of the best tennis gifts, so make sure you get yours while its still in stock.


TopspinPro Tennis Training Aid

The best tennis gifts are those that help players improve their game. Topspin Pro devices is a great training aid when learning how to hit topspin (the most used spin in tennis). You can vary the precise angle that their racket needs to be to achieve the best top spin. Ideal for people that really needs to improve.


Tennis Butts

I promise we aren't being profane. Tennis 'butts' are the new craze, allowing you to personalise the underside of your tennis racquet grip with lettering or even a logo. If you feel like going crazy, buy him a personalised Cancha Bag, with personalised tennis balls and personalised tennis buts for his tennis rackets!

Compression Foot Sleeves

Suitable for everyday wear these socks feature an opening sole and excellent circulation of oxygen which helps muscles recover from the damage and reduces lactic buildup. These socks as tennis gifts are available in four sizes for the perfect fit. Available for £35.99 for a top pair of socks from £9.99 for a mediocre pair, they can be bought separately or paired with tennis balls or other tennis gifts for Christmas.


Head Gravity Pro Tennis Racket

Arguably the most important part of tennis equipment is the racquet (and tennis balls), making it a perfect tennis gif for the avid tennis player . All tennis lovers can agree that a proper racket can help a player reach new levels in the sport. The Head Gravity Pro tennis racquet features a sizable 100sq in head and flexible beam, ensuring good power, spin, and real at all areas of the court. This tennis racquet is the perfect gift for any adult or junior tennis player or those taking their game seriously this also includes a control-oriented 18x20 string pattern for the ultimate precision.


Cloudfoam Running Shoes

Whether you are running, walking or working out, all-day comfort on and off the court is guaranteed with these shoes. With a comfortable knitted upper and a soft foam midsole, the sole comes in a large palette of colors to fit almost every fashion wearer and tennis fan.


Cooling Towels

Cooling towels are a new invention but are great for that significant other who loves tennis but also sweats a ton. After soaking and rubbing the towel it'll be cool for up to two hours. These tennis gifts can be used for lots of purposes including on court and in the gym, and come in packs for the whole family to use.

Cramer Tennis Elbow Brace

The Cramer tennis elbow is a practical gift for keeping that tennis elbow at bay and prolonging your time on the Kcourt. If you are looking for gift ideas that will last more than a few hours, this is a great product to consider. It's made with premium materials and has been proven to alleviate tennis elbow symptoms.


Pickleball Gifts for Him

While this guide mostly covers tennis buffs, who can't forget pickleball these days? If your significant other is falling in love with the sport of pickleball or needs new pickleball paddles, check out our fun pickleball gift guide. We've surfed the web to find the absolute best gift ideas for pickleball players you could possibly give. 

Remember: the best pickleball gifts are not always the most obvious ones. Luckily, whether your planned pickleball gifts are big or small, we've got plenty of options for you.

A Table Tennis Table

While this might seem a strange suggestion for tennis gifts, a table tennis kit can be a perfect gift for those tennis fans who want to get their tennis fix during the rainy, winter months. Tennis favors constant practics, so a table tennis is perfect for someone who needs some sort of racquet-sport practice at any time of the day!

It's a great Christmas present for all the family, and can also improve hand-eye coordination. Top pros such as roger Federer and Nick Kyrgios have often been seen playing table tennis on social media, so why not get your own table and hit at it! 

This guide covers some awesome tennis gifts for him, but we certainly can't forget that special lady player in one's life. The perfect way to show your appreciation to your favourite female tennis player is finding a gift she will love, use and cherish for many years to come. However, finding cute tennis gifts for her that are both original and stylish is not always easy. From tennis gift baskets to stylish bags, read our comprehensive guide to the best tennis gifts for her for some great suggestions.  

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