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Love this bag!

Looks fab and super practical.

Favorite bag!

This bag is life changing. I love how modular and customizable the design is. It has become my daily go-to. My favorite thing about this bag is the minimal branding. I never realized how much I disliked all my other bags with big, loud brand name. Some days my tennis game is lacking but my bag game is on point everyday!

The Original Racquet Bag (15L)

Wet-Dry Bag
Mike Sliwa
Great Place For After Play Stuff!

The wet dry bag is a must have if you play pickleball! Nice roomy bag with a high quality zipper! Plus it attaches to the Paddle Mini bag!

Paddle Bag Mini
Mike Sliwa
The Mini is a Giant!

Great bag with functional components!

Great tennis bag

Cancha originally sent me the bag without shoulder straps by mistake. When I reached out, Jack was very quick to respond and they delivered the missing straps to me within a couple days. Needless to say, Jack and his team takes a lot of care to ensure the satisfaction of their customers which is very much appreciated.

For the bag itself, the quality is great and I was surprised at how light it was. It can hold my two rackets, shoes, water bottle and two cans of balls with a bit of room to spare. It looks like it should be durable but I haven’t been able to test that yet. Not to mention it is also very stylish to carry. Overall I’m happy with the bag and would definitely recommend it.

Original Racquet Bag (25L)
Frantz Price, Jr.
Original Racquet Bag (25L) Review

I absolutely love my Original Racquet Bag (25L). Lightweight and easily holds everything I need with me on court (3+ racquets, balls, towel, hats, etc.). The outside pocket is roomy enough to hold my phone, wallet, keys, dampeners, and overgrips. I had the 15L bag initially, which was great too, but for my needs, the 25L version was a better fit. I would definitely recommend these bags. Well made product and tremendous customer service.

The original racquet bag 15L

I purchased this bag for my daily practices and local games. It is so lightweight and so easy and comfortable to carry it around. The backpack straps allows you to walk distances without the extra weight, that way your hands are free to carry other things. The construction is amazing and the material so easy to take care, with a simple cloth you clean it from dust or dirt and you are ready for the next match.
I strongly recommend Cancha, I already have two bags and waiting to buy the organizer for each bag.
I am happy, happy, happy with my bags!

Day Bag XL
Christopher Fleischfresser

Day Bag XL

Racquet Bag Voyager
Lilliam Miller
Amazing bag!!! It’s finally here. Traveling to the National in Scottsdale Arizona this month with...

Simply amazing! I love the material and the front bag for wallet, phone & keys is a perfect addition to my bag! I recommend it to everyone. Jack is amazing too!

Very good

Really enjoying it. All my stuff in one place.

Racquet Bag Voyager
Rachel Wong
Racquet bag voyager

Great spacious bag that fits my two tennis racquets and other personal items.

Racquet Bag Voyager
Seongyeon Cho
Happy to be a user of an unique design bag

I can’t see other tennis bags once I found this from online search. This catched my eye in terms of its exterior design among all similar look and feel ones by different sports brands. Once I received this, I still need to buy some other pouches for each purpose. If it has hooks detachable nets, matching/Cancha iconic pouch inside, I can bring a perfectly organized tennis bag. In particular, Canch iconic pouch might be an one of biral marketing tools in the court. Attaching additional bags outside is bit too burden to carry everyday.

Great Bag and I really appreciated the note from the founder.

Well-built Wet-Dry bag

This thing is made to last and is built like a tank. I like the quality materials and multi-functionality of the bag. I bought it as an attachment for my tennis bag to put my towel, water bottle and shoes in, but it can also be used as a stand alone bag. It is very easy to attach and detach. It’s waterproof and durable and includes a bag that can attach inside for dirty clothes. I plan to use it for tennis, hiking/camping and travel. Highly recommend.

Just what I needed!

The perfect bag for two racquets!

Great for Travel and Everyday Usage

I’ve been using a Wilson bag that holds up to 6 racquets and includes climate protection. It was just a bit too big, cumbersome, and I tended to overstuff it. I wanted something a bit smaller that I could also take on a plane and store in the overhead bin. My husband had purchased a Gosen bag that carries two racquets when he was in Asia, but I couldn’t find anything like that here until I discovered this bag. The Cancha Original is made really well and I can easily fit two racquets and a can of balls in the main pocket. I also bought the wet-dry bag, the day bag, and the day bag XL. I would skip the day bag as it’s way too small to hold anything, but I guess you could use it to put accessories in your suitcase. The wet-dry bag is nice, but in the end, I took all the straps off the day bag XL and attached that to my Cancha. It seems to fit everything I need including two cans of balls, hair accessories, Band-Aids, overgrips, dampeners, etc. I am still getting used to the size of the overall bag, but it’s pretty good. I may purchase the larger bag and attach my day bag XL to that and save this one for air travel. My only complaints are that there is no climate protection in the bag and it cannot stand up. Other than that, I really like the bag.

Paddle Bag Mini
Kim Hicks
Paddle bag mini

Just received my bag appears quite durable, I know I’m going to like it in fact my husband may be ordering the tennis bags,it’s also very comfortable to wear

Perfect tennis bag

The bag is extremely well made and looks great. I plan to use this as an everyday tennis bag and for travel. I appreciate all the meticulous and thoughtful details that were put into the design and function. It is very durable and I love that you’re able to add attachments if you require more space. Another benefit is the multiuse/multipurpose this bag provides. It is by far the best tennis bag I’ve come across. I highly recommend!

Bag quality feedback

The bag weight is light and good design for carrying and the room is good enough.
If the bag has (a heat insulating tin material) to reduce the outdoor higher temperature and if there is a strap on top of the bag for hanging and carrying is better.

Racquet Bag Voyager
Brady Warren
Great bag

I bought the original and needed some room so I decided to buy the voyager. I also bought the wet dry bag for my shoes and these two are awesome together. I can fit my two racquets, towel and my tennis accessories.I love the cancha brand and now have 5 bags (the back pack, day bag, cancha original, wet dry bag and the cancha voyager

Great bag

I bought the original and needed some room so I decided to buy the voyager. I also bought the wet dry bag for my shoes and these two are awesome together. I can fit my two racquets, towel and my tennis accessories.I love the cancha brand and now have 5 bags (the back pack, day bag, cancha original, wet dry bag and the cancha voyager

Racquet Bag Voyager
Thao Nguyen
Great bag

Great compact, but spacious bag.

Great bag

Great compact, but spacious bag.

The bag mini will accommodate twoPadel or pickleball racquets. The quality and materials used is a step up from other nylon based bags and feels comfortable as a back pack. The pricing on the bag is pricier than others but with free shipping from Europe is a bonus.