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Top 5 Tennis Bags for Beginners 2023

The right tennis bag will contain the tools of the craft you need to win a match. We break down some of the best tennis bags on the market to...

The right tennis bag can make all the difference between whether you win a tennis match or not. In fact, if you are an experienced tennis player, you can probably tell who has a higher chance of winning a tennis match just by looking at their tennis bag.

“Why is that?” you ask. The answer is simple; because the right tennis bag will contain the tools of the craft you need to win a match. For example, imagine you, a professional tennis player had a match, and your racquet spoils during that match. Meanwhile, your tennis bag could only contain one racquet, and you couldn’t pack an extra one. The process of sourcing for another will certainly do a lot of harm to your confidence and give your opponent an edge. Moreover, that slight advantage can be all your opponent needs to turn the tide of the game and beat you.

Thus, no exaggeration in saying your tennis bag can win you games or cause you a loss. But they also make great gifts, so be sure to read our guide to the best tennis gifts for him

Before we dig deeper, let’s briefly examine the different types of tennis bags. 

Types of Tennis Bags

There are three different types of tennis bags. However, the type you choose will depend on your tennis-related activities. They include: 

  • Racquet Tennis Bags 

This type of tennis bag is favoured by professional tennis players who need to pack multiple tennis racquets for games. Apart from this, it also usually has enough space to contain an extra pair of shoes, linens and towels, and extra gear.


  • Tennis Backpacks

Backpacks are less spacious than racquet bags. As a result, they can take fewer racquets, alongside other gear like water bottles, tennis balls, shoes, and towels.

Tennis backpacks are the ideal type of tennis bag for amateur tennis players who play them for recreation.

  • Tennis Duffle Bags

Duffel bags are ideal for competitive players who move around a lot. The reason is that they are spacious and can accommodate numerous gears. However, they are hardly ever wide enough to accommodate tennis racquets. Hence, people who use them often have to combine them with a racquet bag.

How to Select the Right Tennis Bag

Two people with tennis racquet bags on a tennis court

Now that you know how important having the right tennis bag is, how do you select one? To answer this question, there are several things you must consider.

We highlight them below:

Account for your budget: This is probably the most critical factor you should consider when looking to buy a tennis bag. Avoid cheap tennis bags. Often, they are made with inferior materials and don’t last long. Hence, you will end up spending more in the long run. At the same time, you do not have to go for the most expensive bags to be assured of quality. Aim to strike a balance between what you need and the cost price. Seek to get a bag that gives you the best value for money. 

Determine how much space you need: Tennis bags have different space specifications. As a beginner, you probably won’t need much space since you won’t be packing multiple racquets and items like competitive players do. While your bag should have enough space to accommodate your shoes, racquets, towels, and other gear, it does not need to have space to accommodate multiple versions of them. Therefore, select a bag with that information in mind.

Comfort and portability: As a beginner, comfort and portability should be top of mind. As a result, ensure your bag has enough padding to support its weight when you carry it.

Top 6 Tennis Bags for Beginners

To help you choose the right tennis bag, we have reviewed the top 6 bags in 2021. Our selection process is based on the following criteria: they are comfortable and portable, durable, spacious, and best value for money. What’s more? They are all stylish. Interested in what we have put together? Read along!

  • Cancha Racquet Bag

  • The Cancha Racquet Bag is a premium tennis racquet bag that provides incredible durability and flexibility for all tennis players. To achieve such high quality, it employs cutting-edge technologies. It also underwent extensive testing by top ATP and WTA tour players across three years.

    We provide you a list of some of the features of the Cancha Racquet Bag below.

    Adjustable sport straps – This feature provides you constant comfort as you can adjust it to your preferred length anytime you want.

    Water-repellent zips – It has zips that can repel water, making it suitable for all types of weather.

    Modular design features a unique modular design with MOLLE attachment points that facilitate attaching the bag to different purpose-built accessories. Thus, it enables you to personalize your gear in the best way you can.

  • Nike Court Advantage Duffel Bag


  • Indeed, duffel tennis bags are mostly preferred by professional tennis players. However, there is no express rule that prohibits amateurs and beginners from buying them, too.

    For this reason, we highly recommend this Nike Court Advantage duffel bag. There are numerous reasons for this. For one, it is manufactured by Nike – and we all know the quality of their products. Furthermore, it is chock-full of features that perfectly combine comfortability and functionality.

    This bag has the following features:

    • Large and spacious – this bag is spacious and can accommodate multiple gears and personal effects.
    • Specially designed compartments – it has several specially designed compartments that help organize your items. For example, there is a dedicated pouch that can hold your water bottle, and there are also multiple internal pockets that can hold different types of gear.
    • High-quality fabric – the Nike Court Advantage duffel bag makes use of woven material that imbues it with durability. As a result, you won’t have to worry about buying a new one anytime soon, while having the ability to pack all you will need for a match at a go.

  • Wilson Advantage Tennis Bag Series


  • Wilson is well-known in tennis player circles. The brand manufactures highly functional, highly durable bags combined with the right touch of aesthetics.

    Some of the features this bag has are:

    • Aesthetic design – Wilson tennis bags are renowned for their aesthetic appeal, and this series is no different. It has a streamlined design that uses black, red, and white colours to great effect.
    • Large secondary compartment – the Wilson Advantage tennis bag has a vast secondary compartment that can conveniently accommodate your tennis gear and personal effects, from your tin of tennis balls to your towel and extra pair of shoes.
    • High-quality fabric – like all Wilson products, this tennis bag was crafted using superior-quality fabric that guarantees its durability. Hence, you can rest assured of the bag’s longevity and have no fear that you’ll need to buy a new one soon.
  • Cancha Backpack

  • Oozing class and elegance, the Cancha Backpack is designed to help you reach optimum performance. Apart from packing your tennis gear, you can use it for other purposes. This includes having it as storage for your gym and office gear.

    It has the following features, among others:

    • High versatility and functionality – This Cancha Backpack can be used for multiple purposes, ranging from work to play and travel.
    • All-weather design – It is a lightweight sports bag that is highly durable and water-resistant, and this makes it efficient for use in all types of weather.
    • Modular design – With its modular design, the Cancha Backpack can be attached to other purpose-built accessories. Hence, it enables you to customize your gear to support your lifestyle.
  • Cancha Day Bag

  • The Cancha Day Bag is primarily an accessory to the Cancha Bag, although it can be used independently. It improves the function and carrying capability of the Cancha Bag. To do this, it has four MOLLE clips, which you can attach firmly to the Cancha Bag.

    Some of the features that make it such a great bag are:

    • Detachable shoulder straps – These straps function to transform the Day Bag into a stand-alone accessory perfect for short trips. For instance, it is ideal for work trips or travelling around town.
    • External zip compartment – Sometimes, you need to store your travel-related and work essentials in an easy-to-access space. This feature serves just this purpose.
    • MOLLE clips – These four quick-release MOLLE clips enable you to securely attach the Day Bag to your Cancha Bag.
    • Design – The design of the accessory is timeless and functional. As a result, it is perfect for work, travel, and play.

    While every one of these bags is quality, having five of them will ensure you can make your choice based on your particular circumstances. However, we are confident that these bags will make you a better tennis player by ensuring you do not have to fret over your tennis gear. Check other tennis accessories here to complement your tennis bag. 

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    • john poulsen
      john poulsenJuly 02, 2023

      question, for a beginner starting out if you are going to keep one or two racquets in a bag,two cans at least of balls and your shoes would recoommend like the wilson advantage that holds three racquests or would you say a 6 racquet bag for someone 35 just starting out as a beginner?also is the advantage by wilson more for a junior beginner like 8 or 10 years old?


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