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Say goodbye to your sports-related travel stresses, and keep your equipment safe and sound.

Helping the Planet with Our Profits

We donate 1% of our total gross revenue to environmental and planet-saving endeavors.

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We’ll provide a full refund on any orders that aren’t all that and a bag of chips.

Bag Your Ultimate, Customizable Carry Accessory

Sports and Travel Bags that Complement your Lifestyle

Cancha bags feature industry-leading modular designs, empowering you to customize your sports and travel bags with a wide range of personalized accessories. With us, all your sports, travel, work, and play needs are in the bag.

The Beauty of Our Bags

Sports and Travel Bags that Complement your Lifestyle

As athletes ourselves, we know the struggle of trying to find a bag that fits our equipment and lifestyles. So… we decided to make our own.

Paddle bag mini with wet-dry bag pickleball

Packed and Ready to Go

We want you to find the one bag that does (and has) it all. Whether you’re travelling from the courts to the outdoors, or going cross-continental, our core collection of gamechanging backpacks can be customized and tailored to you.

Daniela Hantuchova Cancha Racquet Bag

Expand. Adapt. Explore.

Through modular expandability and lightweight materials, our bags offer a pocket for every occasion. Whether for sports or travel, our lifestyle bags offer the versatility you need to embark on your next adventure with ease.

cancha racquet bag on court

Where Function Meets Fashion

Although looks aren’t everything, they count for something. That’s why our sport bags and travel bags are just as presentable as they are practical.

Cancha Bags water-proof

What About the Weather?

Each of our bags are made with water repellent materials. Come rain or shine (literally), your equipment and essentials will be perfectly protected.

My Cancha Journey

I started Cancha after a decade competing and travelling as a professional athlete. Our small, but growing of team of athletes and travel enthusiasts are passionate about empowering you to pursue your passions without problems.

With over 20 years of both professional sporting and bag design experience, we create sports and travel bags for the modern athlete and adventurer, all with the ethos that both you and the planet deserve better.

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