The Quintessential University Student

The Quintessential University Student | Cancha
Students have a bad rep when it comes to sleeping in, but London is a fast-paced city and I have a busy day ahead. I wake up at about 8am and scramble some eggs before shoving my laptop, books, and daily essentials into my Cancha Bag and heading out to my first lecture.


My degree is in Psychology and Sociology and today we’re discussing cognitive dissonance, which is when your behaviours and thoughts aren’t quite aligned. You know, perhaps you believe that the secret to success is getting up just as the sun begins to rise, but then you find yourself hitting the snooze button a little too frequently… 

After class, I decide to get lunch at the Exmouth Food Market in Clerkenwell. It’s midday and there are hundreds of other Londoners with the same idea, but I have my heart set on my favourite Thai curry and I make a beeline for that stall. After hustling my way to the front of the line, I swipe my Oyster card and make my way on the Tube to the women’s centre where I volunteer. My task is to (wo)man the front desk, answering phone calls and welcoming guests. As it quietens down after the early afternoon rush, I slip my laptop out of its slot at the back of my Cancha Bag and get started on my weekly reading assignments.

I work as a nanny in the afternoons, so at 3 o’clock I head off to pick up the two children from school. Before I leave, though, I’m treated to a second lunch as a member of the women’s centre offers me an array of homemade Kenyan food – I can never resist chapati and dipping sauce, yum! I walk the kids to their after school activities and then we begin their favourite task – homework! By early evening, I’m definitely ready to unwind with a workout. I grab my squash racquets from my Racquet Bag, and my gear from my Wet-Dry Bag, and spend a good hour raising my endorphin levels on the court at my local gym.

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