The Top Ten Tennis Clubs in the United States

The Top Ten Tennis Clubs in the United States

From amateur to professional level, tennis is one sport we all enjoy. It transcends what happens on the court. Playing tennis is more about the experience garnered from the immediate environment. And, of course, we all can agree that it's a racket game that, under the right environment, is always fun to play.

Speaking of environment, only the right tennis court can offer you such, and we've found ten tennis clubs in the United States that you'll love to try out. And if you are looking for a tennis community, we've got a thing for you.


Olympic Club is situated in the heart of San Francisco. It has eight fairly large tennis courts, two of which are clay courts. Back in the 80s, it took five years to get in. But now, you can get in within 1 to 2 years of applying. The Olympic Club was founded on the 6th of May 1860 by 23 members.

One interesting thing about the Olympic Club is its members include some renowned personalities, and the club indulges in various sports aside from tennis. So, this isn't just a country club, but a tennis haven with a historical background.


2. Charleston Tennis Club

Without a doubt, Charleston is the hub of everything tennis. So, it's no wonder why Charleston Tennis club is the town's centerpiece. It packs a punch indeed. There are six indoor courts, 13 outdoor courts, and a pro shop. If that's not impressive enough for you, let's talk about the surrounding area.  

The club offers a two-mile hiking trail, making it quite easy to host an event within the complex. The 2000-square-foot fitness center adds to the oomph. In addition, there's a heated outdoor swimming pool, cardio machines, a basketball court, patio dining areas, and a playground. Charleston Tennis Club also holds a vast number of competitive tournaments annually, as well as the Youth Tennis Camps.


River Oaks is situated in Houston, Texas, and is a private member-owned athletic club. The club has 14 courts and a sizeable clay-court stadium. River Oaks Country Club still holds the same site tennis tournament it has been running for the past 78 years.

Founded in 1923, it is one of the oldest clubs in America. The club has consistently hosted River Oaks International since 1931.


Rome Tennis Center is located in Berry, Georgia. It houses a tennis facility that has been in existence for decades. There are 54 courts on the club's 30-acre site, 6 NCAA regulation courts, one exhibition court, and three center courts. But what's the most impressive feature you'll find in this club? The porch and clubhouse span 3,846 square feet!

The courts are well lit and have shade cabanas to help players escape from the sun. Without a doubt, Berry is home to a big tennis community.   


Philadelphia Cricket Club hosts the USTA grass-court and International ITF championship annually. Founded in 1854, it is the oldest court in the United States of America. Originally owned by the University of Pennsylvania, it was later made into a more formal club due to the students who wanted to keep playing tennis after graduating.

Interestingly, the tennis club has been a founding member of the American Lawn Tennis Association dating back to 1881.

The club has 21 grass courts and nine Har-Tru courts equipped with light to help accommodate winter play. It is located on Willow Grove Avenue, Philadelphia.


The center is home to Baylor University's tennis teams. Hurd Tennis Center consists of 12 outdoor courts and a tennis building designated for all administrative operations, including Baylor's tennis practices and matches. The complex also houses Jim and Nell Hawkins Indoor Tennis Center. There are six courts in the center, and it allows a year-round practice opportunity for all student-athletes interested in learning or brushing up on their tennis skills.

The facility has been renovated and improved upon since its opening in 2001. And in 2005, Tennis Magazine named the center the best college tennis venue in the entire country.


Longboat Key is one of the most beautiful clubs in the country. There are 20 Hat-Tru Tennis courts that sit along the coast of Sarasota Bay. Tourists and athletes have praised Longboat's Key's tennis facilities, and calling it one of the best of its kind in the world won't be an exaggeration in any form.

The club has a HydroGrid irrigation system equipped with nice features and a lovely design overall. In comparison, renovated locker rooms and professional tennis instruction make the facilities an attractive option for all tennis enthusiasts.


Rancho is home to 18 Plexi-pave championship courts. In addition, it is currently rated as the best tennis club in Southern California by Tennis Magazine. This is a go-to resort in Santa Fe, California, no matter if you're looking to relax and have a great time alone or with family and friends.

It also offers junior tennis lessons for younger players, while your skill isn't a big deal. It's a 45-acre resort that boasts a spa, a fitness center, and two restaurants. The tennis instructional program is undoubtedly one of its selling points.


Wintergreen Resort is located in Wintergreen, Virginia, just as the name suggests. It has two facilities – one in Stoney Creek and the other in Devil's Knob. Both facilities are next to the Blue Ridge Mountains, making for a scenic backdrop to the courts. Wintergreen also boasts amenities that make it one of the best resorts in the United States.

The Stoney Creek location boasts 4 outdoor courts and a variety of poolside courts. Over in the Devil's Knob facility, there are 15 outdoor courts and 3 indoor courts. Wintergreen Resort has top-quality tennis academies. Tennis Resorts tagged it as one of the best 20 tennis resorts in the world.


Palmetto Tennis Center is situated in the heart of Sumter, South Carolina. The fantastic weather and delicious cuisines aren't the only things you'll enjoy in Sumter. The tennis center boasts a whopping 24 courts.

Children will love that the complex is next to a spray park and playground. There are two ball machines at the center, coupled with stringing service, a pro shop, and party restrooms. You could refer to it as an elite club.

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