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Say Deuce to your Sports Bag of Yesteryear

And Hello to Tennis Bags for the Athletes of Today

Is Your Current Sports Bag Taking a Toll on Your Tennis Travels?

Unlike other sports bag brands, Cancha doesn’t believe in a one-size fits all solution. Because each player is unique, so too should the bag they choose to use be adaptable to their individual needs. Because conventional racket bags are bulky, heavy, and inconvenient, we’ve created the Cancha bag to suit all your training and competing requirements.

The Cancha Racquet Bag is:

  • Durable

  • Lightweight & Carry-on Size

  • Customizable

Cancha Racquet Bag

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Experience What it’s Like to Travel Light

Pack for Carry-On Only

Helping You Avoid the Mess and Stress of the Airport

  • No need to check in your tennis bag.

  • No more lost or damaged rackets.

  • Leave your bulky bags at home.

All You Need, On Your Back

Through modular expandability and lightweight materials, our bags offer a pocket for every occasion. Pack only the essentials in our standard-sized Racket Bag, or bring your back-ups and all with the Racket Bag Pro.

“The materials are awesome and the modularity is unlike anything in the market.”

– TAO C.

Keeping Your Tennis Travels Efficient and Organized

Customize Your Experience With Expandable Storage

Need to carry more equipment and essentials? Simply attach one or more of our modular accessories, and enjoy an enhanced experience for your training, travel, and tournaments.

Padded Protection

Increase the lifespan of your expensive equipment thanks to your Cancha bag’s weather-resistant interior and built-in padded dividers.

Wick Away Moisture

The exterior of your Racket Bag is manufactured using advanced water-repellent materials. If you get caught in a storm on the court or on the road, your rackets will stay safe and dry – even if you don’t.

“I was looking for a bag that is light but still durable, and this was the perfect choice. It carries 3 rackets which was enough for me, and the Wet-Dry accessory carries all my wet clothes in the hot weather in California. This is a must-have bag which I recommend to all my tennis partners."

– Sam J.

Shield Your Shoulders

Protect Yourself from Taking Strain

The last thing any tennis player wants is to strain their back or shoulders (or both) carrying equipment before the game has even begun. Each of our shoulder straps are padded with EVA FOAM and sweat-resistant fabric, making your premium Cancha bag more comfortable to carry than ever.

Removable G-Hook shoulder straps

Comfortable, sweat-wicking foam padding

Sleek Design to Suit Your Style

Complement your on- and off-the-court looks with our Racket Bags' sleek universal designs.

Smashing Good Looks

Game Changing, color-changing, potentially life-changing. Presented in an array of colors, our Racket Bags are as unique as you are. Take your pick from our 4 bold colors:

✓ Deep Black ✓ Forest Green

✓ Cardinal Red ✓ Charcoal Grey

“Fits two racquets, couple cans of balls, clothes, etc. Looks really cool and also fits nicely on my back as a backpack as I'm riding my bike to the court. The material and zippers are top notch!”

– Tim C.

Designed for Lifestyle Longevity

Paying equal attention to both material and design, each of our Cancha bags come with the guarantee that your equipment and essentials will be protected for many years to come.

Durable and Weatherproof from Fabric to Zip

High-Quality Hardware. World-Class Wear and Tear Resistance.

Quick Release Innovation for All Manner of Accessories

Two Tennis Bags

Unlimited Possibility and Potential

Racquet Bag

A travelling tennis player’s must-have carry companion. Our Racket Bag is tough yet surprisingly lightweight and travel-friendly. Quick to pack, easy to carry, and completely customizable.

Available in an array of bold colors.

✅ Minimal design for ease-of-carry
✅ Expandable with modular accessories
✅ Backpack style for tennis players and travelers alike
✅ Sleek and suited to any athletic style
✅ Water-resistant and downright durable

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Racquet Bag Pro

Designed with tennis pros in mind. Our Racket Bag Pro version comprises 6 racket compartments and customizable add-ons, and is crafted to be weatherproof and convenient to carry. Despite the number of rackets it can hold, your Racket Bag Pro is as lightweight as it is luxurious.

✅ 6-Racket carrying capacity
✅ Water-resistant exterior and zips
✅ Lightweight and completely customizable
✅  Removable shoulder straps and modular accessory adaptable
✅  Easy-to-carry and expertly organized

View Racquet Bag Pro

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Our Story

Modern Tennis Bags with A Pocketful of Benefits

The Comprehensive Approach to Your Carry Needs

Cancha was founded by professional tennis player, Jack Oswald, after many years on the court and in the skies. Our dedicated team of bag and backpack experts are passionate about empowering you to pursue your passions without problems. With over 20 years of both professional sporting and bag design experience, we manufacture sports and travel bags for the modern athlete and adventurer.

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