Find Out Why Tennis Players Swear These Modular Tennis Bags Are The Must Have Accessory For Any Tennis Players in 2022

By James Chodra, 2022

   "I love this bag so much because it covers all the different activities that I do throughout the day" 

     — Daniela Hantuchova

Used by tennis professionals such as Daniela Hantuchova and receiving rave reviews from coaches & tennis blogs!

Tennis players often need to carry their racquets between the courts, office, home and everywhere in between. Yet, for such an important tennis travel accessory, most racquet bags are bulky, poorly made and even plastered with gigantic logos as advertisements for brands.

When pro tennis player, Jack Oswald, spent three years designing a more lightweight, travel-friendly and stylish tennis bag, other tennis players all around the world were scratching their heads, asking…

"Where has this bag been all of my career?!"

Now, every player that hears about these innovative tennis bags wants to get their hands on them. Read on to find out why!

Who would have thought that just a couple of months after launching, Cancha Bags would be hailed as a 'the ultimate tennis bag' in 2022?

Cancha was founded by professional player Jack Oswald, after many years of being on the road and in the skies. We all love competing on the court as tennis players but the annoyance of hauling around so many different bags starts to become frustrating.

Over the years, Jack acquired so many suitcases, carry-ons, tennis bags, and backpacks - and none of them lasted more than a few months.

“I began to wonder; why isn't there a durable tennis bag out there I can adapt for any trip and activity?" - Jack Oswald

    Cancha Bags are high quality, sleek, efficient, & great for travel”

     — The Tennis Tribe

Daniela Hantuchova - Cancha Bag

Cancha’s innovative tennis bags rocketed onto the market in 2021 and immediately started making waves on social media and in the news.

Now, professional tennis players such as Daniela Hantuchova (former World #5) and Ashley Harkleroad (top 40), as well as celebrities like Darren McMullen (The Voice) and countless tennis coaches are absolutely loving these bags.

Below are some of the Cancha Racquet Bag’s game changing features that make it an absolute winner for tennis players who want to carry their gear effortlessly with style.  

Cancha Bags are Built to Travel

Cancha Bags are lightweight and minimal, making travelling with your tennis racquets a breeze. Gone are the days of not being able to take your racquet bag in the overhead locker of an airplane.

The Cancha Racquet Bag is about 25% of the size of a standard tennis bag, yet it fits up to four racquets inside and has plenty of room for additional items inside.

The great thing about the Cancha Racquet Bag is that it can be customised with sleek travel-friendly accessories, such as the Day Bag attachment (pictured) for even greater organisation when on the road. 

Perfect for Rainy Weather

Traditional tennis backpacks leave handles exposed. This means that if you are traveling in wet weather, you're racquets get wet also. Who wants to play tennis with wet-racquets anyway?

The Cancha Racquet Bag covers the entire racquet, and features water-resistant zips and materials to keep all of your equipment safe and dry, no matter the weather

Cancha Bag Attachments Allow You to Pack Efficiently

Perhaps the most unique and innovative feature of the Cancha Racquet bag is its modular design.

With the Cancha Racquet Bag, you no longer have to carry around multiple bags to fit your water, training shoes and travel gear. 

You can customise your Cancha Bag with our range of colours & accessories to suit your individual style and daily routine. 

Cancha Wet-Dry Bag
Cancha Wet-Dry Bag
Cancha Wet-Dry Bag
Cancha Wet-Dry Bag
Cancha Wet-Dry Bag
Cancha Wet-Dry Bag
Cancha Wet-Dry Bag
Cancha Wet-Dry Bag
Cancha Wet-Dry Bag
Cancha Wet-Dry Bag
Cancha Wet-Dry Bag
Cancha Wet-Dry Bag
Cancha Wet-Dry Bag
Cancha Wet-Dry Bag

The Wet-Dry Bag - The Ultimate Sports Gear Accessory for your Cancha Bag

The Wet-Dry Bag is a smart sports gear accessory that easily clips to the outside of the racquet bag. It has one zipper across the middle of the bag for easy access to your gear.

The bag has one spacious compartment, and a roll-down bag inside to separate your wet clothes from your dry ones. You can easily fit a pair of shoes and clothes with room still to spare.

Smart Storage
Internal Wet Clothes Separator Bag
Light and Easy to Carry
Cancha Day Bag
Cancha Day Bag
Cancha Day Bag
Cancha Day Bag
Cancha Day Bag
Cancha Day Bag

The Day Bag - Sport Travel Just Got a Whole Lot More Fun

The day bag is a small bag with an inside pouch and an outside zipper pocket. This bag can fit extra clothes and toiletries for travel, or any on-court tennis gear you might need.

The Day Bag features an additional, removable shoulder strap - so you can easily use it independently for shorter trips or for air-side access to your travel essentials!

Quick Stash Pockets
Removable Shoulder Strap
Attaches in Seconds

Premium Materials and Style

There is nothing worse than buying a brand-new tennis bag, only for it to break a couple of months later.

The Cancha Racquet Bag is made from premium materials, such as high-tenacity durable nylon and water-resistant YKK zippers, so your tennis gear will always be safe from the elements.

Cancha Bags are designed to support your lifestyle, while allowing you to express your personality and inner style. That’s why the Cancha Racquet Bag comes in four unique colourways; Deep Black, Charcoal Grey, Cardinal Red, and Forest Green.

Whether you are planning on buying this to carry your racquets, or as a gift for a friend, you are bound to find a bold colour to match!

See what makes Cancha Bags so special

FeaturesCancha BagsOther Tennis Bags
Fits Your Racquets ✅ ✅
Water-resistant ✅ ❌
Airplane Friendly ✅ ❌
Range of Colors ✅ ❌
Expandable Modular Design ✅ ❌
Durable Construction  ✅ ❌

Tennis players around the world are loving the flexibility, durability and unique style of their Cancha Bags. But don’t just take it from us!

Cancha has received several glowing testimonials and the products have helped 1000s of players all over the world carry their tennis gear more comfortably.

Where Can You Get a Cancha Bag

Cancha Bags are only available online! Due to this extreme demand, Cancha cannot guarantee stock will be available beyond today. As a result, tennis players are being urged to grab this innovative tennis bag now whilst they are still available. 

The best part? Cancha Bags provided a 10% discount for all new customers, so you’d be silly not to give it a try. Cancha has received a lot of publicity so we suggest taking advantage of the 10% discount offer while supplies are still available. Simply click the button below and 10% off will automatically be applied at checkout.

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