The Dream

Cancha was founded by professional tennis player, Jack Oswald, after many years on the road and in the skies. While he loved the rush of competing on court, Jack was frustrated that he had to drag around so many different bags.

Over the years, he acquired suitcases, carry ons, tennis bags and backpacks – and none of them lasted more than a few months.

100% handmade soap bar

The Action

In order for Cancha backpacks to become the essential travel companion, we knew that they had to stand up to whatever was thrown at them.

To get there, we drew from the most technologically advanced manufacturing processes, as well as developing our own unique modular attachment system, which far surpasses the competition in speed and ease of use.

Our Bags

Each time we got a new version, Jack would trial our bags in the best way that he could: by taking it with him on tour around the world.

With each journey and every match, he would test it to ensure that it could withstand the rigours of the professional tennis circuit.

World-Class Design & Manufacturing

We didn’t stop there, though – all along our design journey, we got independent testers to provide feedback, which we used to improve our products until we were all 100% happy.

As a result, Cancha’s tried and tested packs are built to follow you to the ends of the earth…however you want to get there.

Our Social and Environmental Commitment

We believe that it is the duty of startups to pave the way for a sustainable, environmentally friendly future and set an example to existing legacy brands. We take this on as a serious responsibility.

 ~ We are privileged members of 1% for The Planet: In doing so, we pledge to donate 1% of our revenue gross revenue, not just profit – to a group of certified environmental non-profits.
~ We also source our main fabric from Bluesign® accredited suppliers, so you know that your Cancha Bag is being manufactured in a sustainable manner.

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