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25+ Best Designer Tennis Bags You Should Know

Dec 28, 2021Jack Oswald

The best designer tennis bags cater for a player's needs while remaining highly fashionable.In this guide we'll discuss the hottest luxury tennis bags out there, including different styles of tennis bags for particular use cases and lifestyles.

While pro players are stuck into sponsorship contracts oblige them to use branded tennis bags, consumers have the luxury of choosing the most stylish and practical tennis bags on the market. Keep scrolling to view 28 of our favorite tennis bags for 2021, including the best tennis bag of each category. 

P.S. These cute tennis bags also make highly unique gifts for friends, family and loved ones!

The Cancha Racquet Bag


The Cancha Racquet bag is one of the most stylish multi-purpose tennis racquet bags on the marketmaking it one of the most unique tennis gifts on the market. It is well worth the money if you are looking for a stylish bag that you can use on the court and off the court. 

The Racquet Bag is a water-resistant modular tennis bag built to accommodate your daily routine. The dedicated racquet compartment of the tennis bag fits up to four tennis racquets inside with ample padding, plus extra space for all of your tennis gear, including tennis balls, a towel, water and an extra pair of shoes.

This tennis backpack also comes with padded shoulder straps, which allows for more convenience when travelling and is always light on the shoulders. You can adjust the adjustable straps to your preferred fitting and be comfortable with your tennis bag as you go about your day.

The Cancha Racquet Bag also comes with accessory pockets, secured by a water-resistant YKK zipper which ensures your phone, wallet and keys will always be kept safe from bad weather. The adaptable nature of this bag allows you to travel between the courts, the office and the gym, so you are always ready for your next tennis match. If you are looking for one of the coolest tennis bags out there, be sure to check this bag out. 

Ame & Lulu Women's Love All Tennis Bag

Ame & Lulu Tennis Tote is ideal for a recreational player who carries a limited amount in her tennis bag. The versatility of this tennis tote will surely stand out for our use as it is stylish and comfortable enough for use off-court a bit too.

Customized tennis graphics on the outer wall keep the design simplified, while the Canvas material makes it easy to carry up to two racquets wherever you go. However these bags are pricey for the lack of features they have. However, If style is your main concern, give this tennis tote a go.

Cinda b. Tennis Tote Purely Peacock

This stylish tennis tote bag has quilted handles which makes the carry experience just a delight. It has ample storage for more clothes and tennis gear in this cute tennis bag. The light green colour of this tennis tote looks fashionable on and off the court - that's if you like green!

While the Cinda b. Tennis Tote has a side compartment for your racquet, it will be difficult to bring more than one to the court due to its size. If you are a serious player, we recommend checking out some equally stylish options, with more internal capacity.


K-Cliffs Tennis Racket Bag

The K-Cliffs Tennis Racket Bag is just right for those who want to carry everything in a single bag, including shoes and up to two racquets inside a dedicated compartment. This tennis duffle bag has a removable shoe pouch and is designed for players of all ages. The durable racket bag can hold up to 3 tennis rackets and comes in 3 different styles.

The mesh pockets and shoe compartment inside this duffel bag allow you to fit all of your essentials. However, this bag lacks a water-resistant coating and a durable fabric interior and can be uncomfortable to carry for extended periods. For these features, we recommend checking out the Cancha Racquet Bag Pro.

Glove It Tennis Backpack

If you aren't into tennis totes but are still looking for something unique, the Glove It Tennis Backpack comes with a choice of several vivid prints. The tennis bag is large enough for 2 racquets and a zippered organizer pouch is good for accessories. The backpack has a flexible strap that can be worn as a sling or unzipped for used as a backpack.

With the many tennis bags on the market, You can guarantee that you don't have anybody else mistake your bag with your identity tag. This back zipper pocket conceals an extra zip pocket that has an opening for storage if valuables or other items are in it. Backpack has a quick grab handles at the other end and a hidden top hook and a secret Top Hook for keeping it safe from being mistaken for someone else.

Cancha Backpack:  

The Cancha Backpack is one of the best tennis backpacks for players who want a real multipurpose bag, as it is classy enough to go everywhere with you. 

This all-in-one sports bag has a height of 450 mm, (which can extend to 600 mm with it's roll-top design) and features water-resistant fabric and zippers. It also features a compression molded back panel that keeps it comfortable and cool on your back even when carrying for long periods of time.


A remarkable feature about the Cancha Backpack is the laptop compartment and quick-stash zippered pocket at the side of the bag. This feature is sleek and keeps your gadgets separate from other items. This designer tennis bag is built with a modular system to attach purpose-built accessories to the backpack.

Unlike traditional tennis backpacks, The design and size of this modular bag give room for versatility. The adjustable shoulder straps provide comfortable carry throughout your day for any size frame. It is the perfect bag for work, travel, sports, and fun activities, making it one of those unique gift ideas your friends and family will love.

It is a lightweight bag designed to shoulder any weather, which makes this tennis bag highly durable.It also comes in a few different colors, such as Forest Green, Deep Black, Charcoal Grey, and Cardinal Red.


To get the best out of your Cancha Backpack, attach a purpose-built accessory with the MOLLE attachment system. The Day bag and Wet-Dry Bag are perfect purpose-built accessories to purchase alongside your Cancha Backpack. The Wet-Dry Bag keeps your dirty gear separate from your clean, dry gear, while the Day Bag can be worn separately or attach to your Cancha Bag for additional storage and accessory pockets.


Jetpac Retro Hearts Floral Tennis Backpack Bag

Bright colors and unique shape make this racquet bag fun and stylish. The backpack holds a total of 1-2 rackets and has a main storage compartment. The straps can either be zipped together and made available in a sling or unzipped to use as a backpack.

The Jetpac Retro Tennis Backpack was designed in distinctive patterns so that they stand on their own against the crowd. Reviews from users who play tennis have mentioned that weight distribution from the racquet handles in the main racquet compartments makes carrying this bag by the hand a little awkward. However, the backpack straps are adjustable, and there are five interior pockets, making it great for longer journeys.

The Cancha Racquet Bag Pro

Building upon the success of the Cancha Racquet bag, the Racquet Bag Pro takes things up a notch. With a larger internal compartment fitting up to 6 racquets inside, and dual attachment points allowing you to customize your bag with two modular accessories at once, the Racquet Bag Pro is built for the serious player who doesn't want to compromise style over functionality.

This kick-ass racquet bag features the same cutting-edge materials, water-proof design and durable construction that sets Cancha Bags apart from the rest. With space to fit more than just a few essentials, you will always have everything you could possibly need to hit the courts prepared.

If you are serious about your gear and are looking for the perfect tennis bag to match your lifestyle, the Racquet Bag Pro is the ultimate premium tennis bag for your game.

Athletico Sling Bag – Crossbody Tennis Bag Backpack

Crossbody backpack is has an unusual yet practical style of tennis bag with one strap that runs around your body. There's a mesh water bottle holder on the other side, as well as two open slip pockets to store stuff like keys and other small documents.

There is also a ventilated pocket for keeping wet items inside. This bag has a relatively small internal storage and doesn't feature any adjustable backpack straps for comfy carry, so if you need to carry a lot of equipment to the tennis court, we recommend you check out these alternatives.

Cinda B. Tennis Tote, Jet Set Black

If you are a fan of the tote style of cute tennis bags, then The Cinda B. Tennis Tote is one of the best tennis bags for females looking for a lightweight bag. The main compartment is big enough to store accessories and, while it doesn't contain a dedicated shoe compartment, you can fit an extra pair if needed in this space. You can also insert at least two different racquets in the exterior zip compartment of this tote tennis bag. 

The Polyester/Nylon is also fairly durable and stain-resistant, however the handles will remain exposed to the outside elements. Additionally you have flexible carrying options with small handles or a removable adjustable shoulder strap which allows you to wear them as a cross-body bag. This is a chic-looking tennis bag that is definitely a head turner.

Women's Grip It Tennis Tote

The Grip It Tennis Tote is horizontally longer thus making it stronger and more functional. Racquets are stored inside the main compartment which may hold either one or two racquets plus some additional items in a zippered pocket. Multiple small pockets inside provide great storage of various things, and there are even exterior pockets for quick access to essentials.

Two side slip mesh compartments are helpful for storing a water bottle and a reusable tennis ball can and a small zippered interior pocket for extras like keys and water bottles. You'll turn heads with the gorgeous design choices. The Gove It tennis bag will give you a splash of color with a broad variety of different styles.

Wilson Advantage Tennis Bag Series

Wilson Advantage tennis bag series is one of Wilson's most popular tennis bags. While not exactly in the premium bags category, these bags are still a solid choice with an internal divider and four exterior pockets. The 3 Racquet bag can be carried comfortably along with a large strap over the shoulder. It's a best tennis bag for those who want a more standard-looking bag, but aren't too keen on tennis backpacks.

You can fit much into the bag with the primary section holding three adult racquets and other equipment, as well as a thermal lining and two mesh pockets. A deeper secondary compartment located at the side is good for other things and can even be used in a similar fashion to dedicated shoe compartments.

The strap handles also help with extra mobility when carrying the tennis bag. However, If you are looking for a more premium tennis bag that is sure to get you noticed, check out these alternatives.

Athletico 3 Racquet Tennis Bag

Athletico is a fairly new brand that produces excellent tennis bags for novices. With a main racquet compartment, interior pockets and side pockets, you are sure to fit all your essentials for a tennis session in the park.

The bag's shape has been noted as more difficult to take on your travels or even for a work commute, as it cannot be worn over the back like some more premium options such as the Cancha Racquet Bag. However the bag is made of a nice durable fabric, has a quick access exterior pocket and is easy to store away when not in use.

Adidas Unisex Tour Tennis Racquet Bag

Addidas' Tour Tennis Racquet Bag features 12 slots for everything you need to know. We even have extra for our favorite items. The racquet is designed to hold a lot of racquets and can be used for storing additional materials. Constructed from 100% polyester the bag is lightweight and is easily cleaned, but the stitching does leave it susceptible to damage and tears.

The padded shoulders strap is lighter to transport and a dedicates shoe compartment is sure to come in handy. At the bottom there are grabs handle handles that lift you up from your vehicle easily. The bags are made of 100% polyester and made of Durable Polyester material. It is one of the best tennis bags for ladies looking for a good functional bag.

Babolat Shock Backpack

The Babolat Pure Shock backpack is a great choice for tennis clubs or recreational players. When no racquet is in the bag the compartment folds back towards itself in the shape of an ordinary backpack. The bag also features a laptop compartment which can be used for storing a folded towel.

This tennis bag is much cleaner, more carryable and offers the relatively large amount of bag space for its size. However, it lacks premium materials and reviews have mentioned that the backpack straps are a little cheap and uncomfortable.

Tennis Bag Designer Fenix Sportier's Gameday Tote

If premium style and leather detail is a priority, you will be immensely pleased with Fenix Sportier's Gameday tennis tote. As far as tennis tote bags go, Fenix Sportier currently takes the crown. The Fenix Sportier tennis tote excels and combining style with an active lifestyle, however the price per features ratio is a little one-sided.

While this tennis tote looks a dream, it lacks water-resistant fabric and materials, and a flexible and adaptable design, or even a dedicated shoe compartment, that other tennis bags feature.


There are plenty of luxury tennis bags out there in the market, but the best tennis bags are both stylish and highly functional. Cancha Bags focus on this unique combination, with their range of colours and modular accessories designed to adapt to your lifestyle and daily routine.


Whether you prefer the Racquet Bag for carrying everything you need for tennis, or the Cancha Backpack due to its versatility across sports and adjustable size, Cancha's range of highly customisable sports bags are bound to impress.


You could prefer more than one backpack for different days and moods, and that is fine. You can owe as many stylish tennis bags as possible that resonates with your personality. Still unsure of which bag to buy? Read ouguide to the best tennis gifts for him for more ideas!

Make sure to take your time while shopping, look at reliable blogs & Tennis bag reviews and choose the ones that catch your eyes! 


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