Jack Oswald Cancha Our Story

Inconvenience Turned Innovation

In a world where the excitement of competitive sports blends with the wonder of global exploration, a journey unfolded—a journey that resonated with active individuals worldwide.

I found myself at the heart of it, once a professional tennis player turned entrepreneur, driven by a desire for better gear that echoed the sentiments of countless others seeking reliability and adaptability in their pursuits.

A Universal Struggle

My story mirrors the experiences of many—a frustration with gear that fell short, hindering not only professional endeavors but also everyday adventures.

Whether it was bulky carry-ons or unreliable sports bags, the struggle was universal. I yearned for gear that could keep up with the diverse demands of an active lifestyle.

Taking Action

For Athletes and Adventurers Everywhere

Our journey was marked by obstacles, yet fueled by a collective determination to empower all who seek the freedom of movement. We encountered hurdles, from sourcing quality materials to perfecting the design.

Nevertheless, we persevered, rallying our community along the way to co-create the next great adventure.

Overcoming Obstacles Together

Over time, Cancha's vision expanded to encompass a global community, united by a passion for reliability, adaptability, and adventure.

Together, we rewrite the rules, pack our bags, and set off on new journeys, knowing that with Cancha by our side, the possibilities are limitless.

Here's to the dreamers and the doers, the athletes and adventurers, and everyone in between. With Cancha, the journey is not reserved for the elite—it's for anyone who dares to dream and seeks to explore the world around them.

As a result, Cancha’s tried and tested packs are built to follow you to the ends of the earth…however you choose to get there.

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1% For The Planet Members

We donate 1% of our annual sales to environmental non-profits. A simple contribution, a global difference.

Climate Neutral Certified

We measured and offset our brand’s annual emissions from making and delivering our products/services, and we are taking action on reduction plans towards net zero.