The only tennis bag built for professionals

Whether you’re hitting the tennis court, the office or the gym, our premium sports bag is designed to help you reach peak performance.
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Designed by Professional Tennis Players

  • Waterproof
  • Built for tennis
  • Holds your laptop (perfect for work)
  • Sweat-resistant design
  • Removable options (tennis and work)
  • Perfect weekend sports/ travel bag

Improve your game

Elevate the way you work, travel and play with advice, insights and guides to help you perform at your best.
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Elena: The Journalist With a Taste for Adventure

Voice recorder, microphone, camera, tripod, chargers and lots of rolled cables. Laptop, personal agenda and notebook are indispensable too. This is usually everything I carry in my Cancha Bag on a normal Friday morning.
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Yolanda: The Quintessential University Student

Students have a bad rep when it comes to sleeping in, but London is a fast-paced city and I have a busy day ahead. I wake up at about 8am and scramble some eggs before shoving my laptop, books, and daily essentials into my Cancha Bag and heading out to my first lecture.
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Evie: The Active Business Traveller

I caught the exploration bug as a teenager and, as my friends and family will tell you, I've never quite recovered. I work for a tour operator now and they send me around Latin America to explore and test out the perfect holiday destinations.
Evie's story >

Sebastian: The Film Set VFX Assistant

Call times are notoriously early when you’re making movies and it’s no exception for the VFX crew. My day begins when my iPhone alarm goes at 5am and I shuffle into the kitchen to make a coffee to go.
Sebastian's story >

Jack: The Travelling Sportsman

I’m an early bird. Always have been, always will. I set the alarm for 7am, more out of habit really, as I usually wake up well before the alarm even goes off anyway. It’s a good thing that I don’t mind early starts.
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Our Story

Cancha was founded by professional tennis player, Jack Oswald, after many years on the road and in the skies. After years of prototyping, testing and trialling the bags under a variety of conditions, as well as taking them on tour around the world, Cancha was born. 

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