Cancha Bags are built to suit your lifestyle beyond the court

The tennis bag that can adapt for any trip or activity. Versatile and durable enough to keep up with your active, travel-hungry lifestyle.

How Cancha Bags Work

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Built to Adapt

The Cancha Tennis Bag is built to adapt effortlessly; whether you’re hitting the courts after work, hiking or jet setting to an exotic location

You can customise your Cancha Bag for any activity thanks to its quick release MOLLE clip attachments.

Through its uniquely adaptable and customisable design, the Cancha Bag is completely personalised for each user. So it’s the perfect bag to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

Built to Travel

Whether you’re an athlete on the go like Jack, or heading to a resort destination to relax, the Cancha Bag and all its attachments are built to travel.

Compact enough for touring a new city or fitting into a hand luggage compartment, the Cancha Bag is ideal for short trips. But it can be effortlessly expanded to accommodate lengthier trips due to its quick release attachments and durable fabric.

It has plenty of storage space too, with multiple compartments, making it the ideal bag for any traveller.

Built to Last

The Cancha Bag is rugged enough to withstand being thrown around a luggage carousel and is durable enough to accompany a thrill seeker on a mountain peak.

Made with quality in mind, Cancha Bags use the very best materials to ensure the end result is a product that lasts but is also sustainable.

Our bags are water and sweat resistant making them the ultimate bag to keep your on or off court kit dry.


A Bag Designed to Do More

As a professional tennis player, Cancha founder Jack Oswald spent many years on the road, travelling from one destination to the next.

Over time he became frustrated at the lack of high quality tennis bags on the market – none could withstand the rigours of international travel or live up to their intended purpose before falling apart.

That’s why Jack set out to create a tennis bag that was unmatched; one that was built to adapt, built to travel and built to last.

Used By Professionals


Choose the Right Cancha Bag for You

Start investing your time and money on a bag that works for you.

Whether you hit the courts on your lunch break or need a travel companion.

Cancha Bags will change the way you travel, work and play.

All attachments connect to the Cancha Bag via four quick release MOLLE clips, which allow you to customize your Cancha bag quickly and effortlessly, according to your activity.

Cancha Bags are made from high-tenacity nylon 66 fabric, with the addition of a special water-resistant TPU coating, which is sourced from sustainable, bluesign® certified suppliers.

The Cancha Bag is made from extremely water resistant materials, from our specially-coated Nylon 66 fabric to the YKK AQUAGUARD® Bonded zips. Just don’t go deep sea diving with it!

Yes, the Cancha Backpack fits up to 15.6 in. laptop sizes.

The Racquet Bag fits at least four adult-size tennis racquets, but many of our pros manage to fit more on long trips!