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Making Sports Travel More Seamless

Jack Oswald Cancha Our Story

Inconvenience Turned Innovation

Cancha was founded by professional tennis player, Jack Oswald. As a sports professional, Jack was no stranger to time on the road and in the skies. But as much as he loved travelling and competing, Jack couldn’t move past his frustration with having to lug around all his tennis luggage every time he entered a new competition.

On top of his over-cumbersome carry requirements, all of Jack’s suitcases, tennis bags, backpacks, and carry-ons were poorly made and designed. To make a bad situation worse, they only seemed to last a couple of months. With his need for better backpacks and bags becoming more pressing than ever, Jack decided to take the matter into his own, capable hands.

For Athletes and Adventurers Everywhere

Taking Action

Because sports and travel can really take its toll on the bags we use to move our essentials from A to B, we knew that our Cancha backpacks had to be durable, adaptable, and downright practical.

In taking wear, tear, and weather into consideration, we wanted to innovate the sports and travel backpack game once and for all. Drawing from the most advanced manufacturing processes – and combining what we’d learnt with our own unique modular attachment system – our resultant prototypes were unlike anything else on the market.

Tried and Tested Trial and Error

Bolstering Each New Bag

Every new bag and backpack we manufacture is quality tested in the most practical way possible. With each new version, Jack personally packs his tennis and travel essentials and takes our bags with him on tour around the world.

Throughout his rigorous training and global competitions, Jack would test the limits on what each new design could withstand. Without any need for replacements so far, making the switch to a Cancha bag was the best thing Jack could have done to keep his travel frustrations at bay. Now, he wants to share the Cancha magic with the world – starting with you.

But That's Not ALL..

We Understand the Importance of Independent Testers.

To ensure our sports and travel backpacks are up to the high standards we advocate for, we invited independent testers on board to provide feedback and suggestions on how to improve our bags to their full potential.

As a result, Cancha’s tried and tested packs are built to follow you to the ends of the earth…however you choose to get there.

Our Social and Environmental Commitment

Carrying With Us a Responsibility for Our Planet

We firmly believe that startups have a responsibility to help design a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future. Through our support for social and environmental causes, we hope to set an example for existing legacy brands to follow suit.

Carrying With Us a Responsibility for Our Planet

We have proudly pledged to donate 1% of our total gross revenue – not profit – to certified environmental non-profit organizations

Cancha Quality Guarantee
Committed to Carbon-Neutral Shipping

Sustainability is one of our top priorities. To ensure we play our part in protecting our planet, we partner with logistics providers that enable us to ship our orders 100% carbon-neutral. More than this, our main fabric is sourced from Bluesign® accredited suppliers, giving you the surety that each Cancha product is manufactured in the most sustainable way possible.

Independently Accredited by Ethy®

We support and are a part of Ethy’s sustainable practices. By addressing our planet’s most pressing sustainability challenges, we hope to pioneer a more sustainable future for the unborn generations of tomorrow